About the Author

Tim McCallum

Working as a project lead and senior analyst in Queensland Australia.

The ability to rapidly deploy extraordinary computing solutions through the use of cloud computing infrastructure such as AWS. Timothy provides highly efficient and scalable solutions by challenging the norm. His focus is on providing exponential success and unimaginable results.

A deep understanding of Linux/Unix, Python, application programming interfaces (APIs), representational state transfer (REST), distributed architecture and multi-tenanted systems.

Timothy enjoys mentoring software developers on projects such as Google Summer of Code (GSoC).

Timothy is currently enrolled in a doctoral degree at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). The doctoral work hinges on investigating how digital technologies can enable the access, use and sharing of information across industry, government and academia.

Timothy – currently working in Queensland, Australia as a Project Lead and Business Analyst – providing rapid prototypes and proof-of-concept solutions; as well as guiding projects towards their most efficient, cost-effective, secure and sustainable paths.

Timothy was named as one of AMPs 2015 tomorrow makers; sharing in the $1 million dollar grant.

Timothy is primed and ready to commit wholeheartedly to you project, providing world class skills, leadership and expertise.

Look forward to hearing from you .

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