Increasing Virtual hard disk size, using VMware server running Ubuntu O.S.

Increasing the virtual disk

  • Shut down the guest Machine
  • Navigate to the vmware utilities in program files eg:

c:>cd program files\vmware\vmware server

  • run the vmware-vdiskmanager.exe command eg:

    vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -x newSize full_path_to_vmdk file (in quote marks)

  • The newSize parameter will be what you want the myDisk-flat.vmdk to end up as, look at what it is before running the command enter the “newSize” you would like it to be in total as the newSize parameter. (you will be able to watch the myDisk-flat.vmdk file grow in the windows explorer)

vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -x 2Gb “c:\virtual machines\myDisk.vmdk

NOTE: In windows open the command line window (start, run, cmd)and type every thing but the location of the .vmdk file, then open windows explorer navigate to the .vmdk file in your virtual machine folder, and drag and drop the .vmdk file into the command line. This will put the complete path in for you including the quotes.

Creating the new partition

sudo apt-get install gparted

sudo gparted

There are two options at this point you can resize an existing partition or create a new one

To resize an existing partition simply select an existing partition with in the gparted application and select resize from the menu

To create new drive do the following

Read the “Creating a new partition” section of this url,

Step 7 is just the basic outline of creating the new partition

  • Click on the new space created (value will be total disk space minus previous disk space)

    Click “partition” in the main menu and then click “new” and let it create the partition

    Take note of the name that it gives to the new partition and the type of file system that you chose. This information will be needed in step nine.

Configuring the new disk

Read “How to edit and understand fstab” at this url

  • Make a new directory for the partition to be mapped to (mount point)

  • open /etc/fstab with a text editor and add the new drive to the text file. Eg

    <filesystem> <mount point> <type> <options> <dump> <pass>

/dev/hda3 /new_dir ext3 defaults, error=remount-ro 0 1

    • Reboot the machine and type “df” at the command line, this will show you the new partition, the used and available space, as well as where it is mapped/mounted.

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