Installing VMware Tools using Ubuntu


  • Type the following:

apt-get update

sudo apt-get install build-essential

sudo apt-get install linux-headers- `uname -r`

Installing VMware Tools

  • Click “VM” on the main menu of VMware Server console and select install VMware Tools when the menu drops down. This will provide the files for the install on a virtual media drive

cd /media/cdrom

sudo cp VmwareTools-5.5.1-19175.tar.gz /tmp

cd /tmp

sudo tar zxpf VMwareTools-5.5.1-19175.tar.gz

cd vmware-tools-distrib

sudo ./

  1. Answer all the questions by hitting enter to accept defaults, choose the screen resolution when asked.

  2. When complete reboot your machine.

  3. Commands

    To open VMware Tools GUI


    To configure and run VMware Tools



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