I can’t log into Ubuntu

We recently installed V6.10 of XUBUNTU code name Edgy Eft.

The ISO was downloaded from http://www.xubuntu.org/get and burned to a DVD using RecordNow! Plus. We had to burn it to the disk using the “burn image” feature. As the DVD will not boot if it is just a data disk (just a file on the disk).

All was going well, the default username ubuntu was printed to the screen during the installation. We then typed in our password and completed the install.

The trouble came when the system re-booted and we had to log in. We were unable to log in using the username and password created during the installation. I have had this problem before and was unabled to solve it.

Lucky for us one of our co-workers in the office has struck this before and gave us the following solution.

Step 1) Start the PC in recovery mode: This is done by re-booting and pressing the esc key and selecting (recovery mode) from the start up menu. This opens a terminal session as root.

Step 2) Add a new user at the command line: You know the drill

Step 3) Give user sudo/root access: Type “usermod -G admin” followed by the username allocated in the last step (to give this user root/sudo access)

Step 4) Exit: press ctrl and d to exit and log in as your new user


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