Windows won’t boot !, how to retrieve files from Windows system

I recently had a windows operating system fail to boot.  I managed to get into the system using the original Windows XP  home CD but the commands allowed whilst under this bootable disk enviroment are unable to move files between devices, Oh and did I mention there is no network connection allowed either.

The answer that I found was a Linux distro called Slax.

Slax boots directly from the CD and loads what it needs to into the P.C.’s memory hence freeing up your CD drive so that you can move the data from the broken P.C.

It can also run from the CD if there is not enough memory and because it can connect to a network via DHCP you could move the data that way.

The best thing about it is that it can see NTFS files, this means that it is as easy as dragging and dropping to repair your system or move the data off the P.C.

Simple hey!


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