I decided to use Mozilla Thunderbird instead of Microsoft Outlook

I built up a new P.C. over the weekend and could not bring my self to spend money on an email client, so I tried thunderbird. I was so impressed with its functionality that I have converted my work email over as well.

Below is a detailed account of how I did it, I am still in the early stages of using it so will report back with any updates.

A word of warning playing with alternate email clients and configuring server settings may result in loosing years worth of emails at the click of a button so read up on POP and IMAP etc before jumping in you have been warned!



1) I downloaded and installed Mozilla thunderbird and imported all of the outlook data when prompted.

2) I created a new mail account using POP3 and then carried out the following settings

go to “tools” “account settings”



and in the advanced options


In “tools”, “options”, “composition tab”


go to “tools” “account settings” “copies and folders” and then set the destination for sent items


***UPDATE 30 April 2007*** I found that this email client and add on applications such as Lightning (Calendar app) are unable to be set up in an environment where microsoft exchange server is used. The drawback to this is that others are unable to see your schedule when sending you invitations through their calendar software. This is something that outlook does reasonably well. Everything else seems to work great and this is a serious alternative for home or small business email. However due to the afore mentioned points, for what I am using it for I will have to go with something that can communicate with exchange server. Next package on the list to try is Evolution, I see it is very versatile runs on both Linux and Windows and handles POP, IMAP and Exchange Server …





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