How to open the task manager on a windows remote desktop session

Ctrl + Alt + delete on local session will give you the option to open the task manager, but what about if you are remoting into another server.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc did the trick for me

76 thoughts on “How to open the task manager on a windows remote desktop session

  1. On XP remote machine, I used to go to Start-setting-windows security to get the task manager. But yesterday windows explorer had a metldown and I lost my START button.

    cntl+alt+esc worked and is MUCH easier. Thanks!

  2. Thank you ever so much. I had been trying for a while to figure this our in RDC and your information was on the spot correct. Thanks for taking the time to post.

    Most appreciated.



  3. Both ctrl+shift+esc AND ctrl+alt+end worked for me on WIN XP PRO 2002 SP3 on Dell D630 & Optiplex 745. Thanks so much for the hints! I’ve been trying to figure this out for a long time!

  4. i am trying to get task manager in a session that i am controling with terminal services manager. does anyone know how to do that? ctrl alt end does not work. User session can get task manager, but the controlling session cannot.

  5. Ctrl+Shift+Esc works for windows 7 & Ctrl+Shift+End works for XP…..anyone should try this combination…it definately works….else you have one simple option which is – Start -> Run -> taskmgr.exe

  6. – ctrl+alt+end worked like charm running winxpprosp3 in a rdt window from win7premium ( as did taskmgr.exe from run ) .Thx very much !

  7. Here’s one for ya. On your local PC (PC1 – Windows Server 2008 in my case), open a remote desktop on a computer on your network. Maximize the RDP session on the local PC screen. Then go to another computer (PC2) and VNC in to PC1. You will see the RDP session maximized. Now from PC2 try to bring up the desktop of PC1.
    This is not easy..
    The only way I found was to send ctrl-alt-del using the VNC menu option. Then the PC1 task manager pops up, go to the Task Manager and then if youre lucky the task bar at the bottom shows up and you can right click it and “Show Desktop”. Now from VNC try to restore the RDP screen from maximized.
    I found that sometimes I could dbl click the very top of the VNC screen and this would restore the RDP screen. But that does not always work.

  8. Finally at the end of the internet this is the solution to my windows 8 rdp black screen issue that has been the bane of my existence. Thank you 10 million times!

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  10. whew! thanks for this….this almost sweat me out…cause i got operations running crazy everyday and for a minute there’…i was stuck….

  11. Hi I am using windows 7 desktop to remotely connect(RDP) to windows server 2003 andthe remote windows server has no explorer.i tried both but Neither ctrl+alt+end nor ctrl+shift+esc worked for me. please help.

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