Steps to consider (Post creation of Ubuntu Linux server)

Here are some steps to carry out after making a Linux server

  1. Set network settings in /etc/network/interfaces file (eg configure eth0) see this post
  2. /etc/resolv.conf file is where dns servers are set, this generated by NetworkManager, Do Not Edit! (worth checking though)
  3. Set proxy and add to start up scripts if required
  4. Install the headers so that vmware can install “sudo apt-get install linux-headers-server build-essential”
  5. Install VMwareTools if it is a Virtual Machine, click here for VMware Tools install instructions
  6. Install ssh for remote access
  7. Edit hosts.allow and hosts.deny files see this post
  8. Set a strong root password (type sudo passwd)and make sure that users with admin (sudo) rights have strong passwords
  9. Disable root login access (ssh) see here
  10. Set firewall rules using iptables see this post
  11. Ensure that the firewall (iptables) rules are present even after reboots an/or interface cycling see this link

If you like you can set automatic updates to run for security patches and any software that you have installed see this post


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