Add content of a marc tag to VITAL3.1.1 object view

Follow the following steps:

1. Add new index to indexing.xml at /opt/vtls/vital/config/interface
New index name: publishedVersion
Xpath : //*/datafield[@tag=’856′]/subfield[@code=’u’]

That throws the Xpath value in the IndexedMetadata variable for the object.

2. add label for display in the access portal in locale-en-au.xml at /opt/vtls/vital/config/localization


3. Add the following lines anywhere between line 57 <d1 class=”metadata”> and line 76 where

Methods are declared in /opt/vtls/vital/config/interface/Default/Objects/Default.vm

#if (${IndexedMetadata.get(“publishedVersion”)})
#set($publishedVersion = ${IndexedMetadata.get(“publishedVersion”)})
#singleDisplay (“$(m_locale.MARCURL)” $publishedVersion)

4. Remove 856 from marc_dc.xsl so it doesn’t map to DC


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