Our Skinning Eprints Experience

1 Change Site Logo

  1. Replace
    /opt/eprints3/archives/[eprints Repository name]/cfg/static/ images/sitelogo.gif
  2. run generate_static from

2 Replace default orange instructions on Home Page

  1. Amend
    /opt/eprints3/archives/[eprints Repository name]/cfg/lang/ en/static/index.xpage
  2. run generate_static from

3 Importing Subjects file

  1. We didn’t use the standard subject list, we chose to use the RFCD codes in the form of a text file.

    In the /opt/eprints directory we ran:

    bin/import_subjects [eprints Repository name]/home/ eprints/subjects.txt
  2. Once Subjects have been added the views can be generated.
    /opt/eprints/bin/generate_views [eprints Repository name]

4 Add Faculty Divisions

Added following text to /opt/eprints3/archives/[eprints Repository name]/cfg/cfg.d/views.pl

    id => "divisions",
      fields => "divisions",
      order => "-date/title",
      hideempty => 1,

4.1 Add a name for the Division String


/opt/eprints3/archives/[eprints Repository name]/cfg/lang/ en/phrases/views.xml

Add an appropriate phrase which describes the new view, for example:

<epp:phrase id="viewname_eprint_divisions">Division</epp:phrase>

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