Migrating data from VITAL/Fedora2.2.1 to Python-FedoraCommons-Webarchive

We have recently installed an application from http://code.google.com/p/python-fedoracommons-webarchive/

See this post to see how we installed it https://techteam.wordpress.com/2008/04/29/installation-of-python-fedoracommons-webarchive/

We thought we would try migrating the data from our VITAL repository into this application, below is an outline of the steps we took to achieve this.

  • We stopped VITAL/Fedora running on the donor server and copied the /opt/vtls/vital/store directory to the new server. We thought it may be as simple as just ingesting the data into fedora, however this was not the case as vital 3.X is currently using Fedora 2.2.1 and the python-fedoracommons-webarchive is currently using Fedora 3.0.
  • We had to convert the store directory so that it would be compatible with Fedora 3.0. We did this using the Fedora migration strategy. See this blog post https://techteam.wordpress.com/2008/04/30/moving-vital-foxml-and-datastreams-to-fedora30/
  • Once the store directory was compatible with Fedora3.0 we started the application on the new server and made the python-fedoracommons-webarchive aware that there was new content in fedora using the scan_changed_items_since.py script.

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