Using MacPorts

We discovered a new trick today when using macports

Basically what happened was the repository locations to download maven2 were not resolving (even in my browser). This meant that sudo port install maven2 was unsuccessfull.

We went to the apache site and downloaded the maven2.tar.bz2 and that worked. Here comes the trick.

In order to still use port to install the package (instead of doing a source install) we untarred the maven2.tar.bz2 and placed it in the directory /opt/local/var/macports/distfiles/maven2

We then ran the sudo port install maven2 command and it installed no problems

Note: The reason that we put it in the maven2 directory is that we saw a maven2.tar.bz2.part in there (obviously put there when the download failed due to the target urls failing in our first attempt)


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