Shell Scripting 01

I decided that I had better touch base with shell scripting fundamentals. It has been a year since I last worked with it and I don’t want to loose the skills.

Lets start off with something really simple.

A script that creates 5 files if they do not already exist.

for i in 1 2 3 4 5; do     
    echo "Processing $fileName"   
    if test -e $fileName; then 
        echo "$fileName already exists!" 
        echo "Skipping..." 
        echo " " 
        echo "Creating $filename" 
        touch $fileName 
        if test -e $fileName; then 
            echo "$fileName created successfully." 
            echo " " 

Stay tuned for another installment, I am thinking that next time we will try traversing a directory say using the find command and back up certain files based on attributes eg file extension, size, owner etc. To do this we will really only need to add a few lines to the script above… or do we? Perhaps we will end up with even less lines of code. Later on we will also start breaking up the code into functions and call them from a master script. Fun times ahead.


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