How to back-up Zotero

This is a quick blog to show you how I am backing up my Zotero (Ubuntu and Firefox)

This is a script that I whipped up for myself, this runs every month using a cron job. It basically stops Firefox if it is running (freeing up the Zotero sqlite file) compresses the entire Zotero dorectory and then emails that to you.

echo "Checking Firefox processes"
echo "ps ax | grep -e $regex"
echo "Killing Firefox processes"
killall -r $regex
if [ $? == 1 ]
        echo "Firefox was not in use anyway"
        echo "Firefox process killed"
echo "Compressing Zotero Directory $zotero_directory to Tar File $tar_name"
if [ -f $tar_name ]
        echo "Tar file already exists, script must not have completed last time, removing tar file now"
        rm -rf $tar_name
echo "Creating new tar file"
tar -cjvf $tar_name $zotero_directory
echo "Sending Tar File $tar_name to $email"
mutt -s "cairss zotero backup" -a $tar_name $email
sleep 10
rm -rf $tar_name


One thought on “How to back-up Zotero

  1. nice. I wonder though, if it’s really worth it any more to come up with specific systems of backup for Zotero. I just use backintime (or any other rsync app) to very regularly back up my entire home director, hidden files included – considering how cheap flash memory has become there is really no excuse not to.

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