Backing up a DVD fast, achieving high quality, using the Ubuntu command line.


See the following link for an update “burning a dvd using shell script” (this is an automated script)

Burn DVD

Firstly to get the data from the disk to the hard drive, insert DVD into drive and issue the following command. If you are unsure of the device simply type df and you will see it listed (look for the name of the DVD to identify the correct line)

dvdbackup --verbose --mirror --input=/dev/sr0 --name=movies_name --output=/home/user/where/to/store/the/movies

Convert VOB files to high quality avi files


ffmpeg -i VTS_02_0.VOB -s hd1080 -sameq 1.avi

ffmpeg -i VTS_02_1.VOB -s hd1080 -sameq 2.avi

etc etc

Note: There are many options for ffmpeg, please see “man ffmpeg” command for more details.

Join/combine/merge the avi files by installing transcode and transcode-utils

sudo apt-get install transcode transcode-utils

Join command

avimerge -o master.avi -i 1.avi 2.avi

The file called master.avi will now contain 1.avi and 2.avi in that order


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