Usefull Links

Usefull Links

Security: Search Vulnerability Database secunia


Linux: Linux lessons from

Online Documentation for Systems Administrators

Linux Network Administrators Guide

Free online Linux book

How to use RPM on Linux

How to use YUM on Linux (centOS)

Learn how a Linux system starts up

Intro to System Administration at

RHEL5 user manual at

Linux packet filtering and IPTABLES


Ubuntu 7.10 Server Guide

Java API Specification (Classes and Packages) found here


Unofficial Ubuntu Site (5.10 Breezy Badger): It has an index of links on how to do just about everything in Ubuntu.

Using the APT command, see this Debian manual for more info

Official Ubuntu site

IPTABLES official Ubuntu site


Handbook and install instructions for Freebsd

PC BSD Personal computing served up BSD style

Python Module index: It has links to Python modules and instructions on how to construct correct syntax.

Python Tutorial Index: It has an index of links regarding Python programming techniques.

Python documentation Index: It has links to documentation such as installing and distributing Python modules and much more.

Learning Python: ( one man’s journey into python…)

Using Libxml in Python:

Python tutorial “byte of Python”

XML Related: xml

DOM Level 1 Specifications: Official site of W3C

XSLT Quick reference pdf Here

libxslt Tutorial:

Reference Manual for libxml2 :

Character encoding / Unicode:

A tutorial on character code issues:

The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!):

MARC XML : MARC xml Numbers and codes found here

Compare character entities, unicode and actual display of characters here

Regular expression

MYSQL Tutorial here

PHP MySQL Tutorial here

PHP MySQL Tutorial (W3SCHOOL) here

PHP Links here

Official PHP manual here

PHP Plug in for Eclipse here


VMWare ESX Server commands here

Measure your internet connection speed here

Meta tag analyser (check your web site for search engine optimisation) here

create shiny buttons in gimp

The Free IT Support Engineers Toolkit


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